Moving on?

Sometimes it is the hardest.

We can help.

Since 2010, Netwerk Media Kft. has been offering its advertising agency and communication services to its clients operating in both the business and the public spheres.

Our expertise enables us to not only provide presence to our business partners, but real business value as well.
It is important to us that we offer the highest quality in addition to speed.

This is why our partners both at home and abroad, choose us. We hope to see you among our satisfied customers soon!

Digital developments

We elevate the unlimited Digital experience to a whole new level by bringing the future to our customers via the latest development technologies.

We create professional custom websites, web applications, mobile apps and webshops, that are based on the application of technological innovationsas well as creative thinking. The massive amount of intransparent websites and online webshops, offers you a great opportunity to stand out from the competition! Build a positive image of yourself in the dynamically developing online commerce sphere!

Open the World for your company and it’s products, through your website or webshop! Not ceating a webstore to boost your business is a missed opportunity for an ever-growing market! Trust us, we will help you create a strategically successful corporate website or online webshop!


Market research, competition analysis, strategical positioning, product launch, monitoring, optimizing on a daily basis… Are you tired just reading this list?

It is really time-consuming to create a well-functioning (successful) campaign, and if you don’t have the necessary expertise there’s a good chanceyour costs will just go oeverboard! We will simplify this process for you, naturally, with demonstrable, measurable and uncompromising success.

There is no similar goal, nor campaign: we follow the latest trends and innovations, and run campaigns on Facebook and Instagram, Google Adwords search, display and YouTube networks.

Social media solutions

For many people, not only in Hungary, but around the world, Facebook is the primary online source of news and data, getting their information from here, and spending most of their time online dedicated to the interface.

It follows that social media presence is no longer just recommended but is absolutely mandatory for a business. Our agency provides a full range of Facebook page operations for companies with a myriad of profiles, including up-to-date content generation tailored to the target group, ongoing contact and online customer service, as well as day-to-day moderation.

Beyond the blue giant, of course, there are as many social media platforms as there are communication strategies; we provide a professional solution for all, be it Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, or Google+.