WordPress based custom WooCommerce sales systems customized!

The presence of webshops is no longer a novelty today; only in Hungary there are
about 15,000 of them…

But what makes a webshop good? What makes it easy to maintain, outstanding in
its own right, and at the same time, user-friendly for your customers?

At Netwerk Media Ltd., after many years of experience, we have voted in favor of WooCommerce. This is a fast, easy-to-develop platform that provides an opportunity to serve both the specific, individual needs and offers a high-quality appearance.

Our goal is to provide premium digital sales solutions primarily for companies with complex business operations, who maintian shops and stores with large amount of stocks.

Design and Usability

We believe it is of great importance to have user experience and high-quality usability. We look for and use solutions that meet the needs of our customers and webshop users at the same time.

All this is preceded by careful ergonomic design and UX research, so we can provide our customers with easy-to-navigate, self-explanatory and well-structured webshops. We support conversion through well-thought-out and structured product pages along with well-placed information, so that our clients’ webshops ensure the right amount traffic. We also give special attention to mobile device optimization.

Integration and Data Focus

Above a certain level, a stand-alone webshop may not be enough. Today, a complex business is primarily about the flow of data, during which different applications, programs and procedures work together. ERP and CRM systems, invoicing programs, newsletter interfaces, delivery modules all work in sync to achieve high conversion numbers for fast and trackable business transactions and a well-managed inventory.

All the interfaces that we create are suited to help you work with your data. You can get a detailed picture of user behavior, user traffic, specific data requested, favorite products, or any other relevant information.

Business Logic

Every business, every firm and company is structured according to a different internal logic. This is natural, since you cannot sell a software product the same way you may sell a concert piano. We believe that each of our clients are unique, demanding unique solutions that simply cannot be served in a schematic mode. Our online sales systems are therefore infinitely flexible and customizable, capable of serving all business needs from the most complex to the simplest at a high level. Nothing is impossible!

Search Engine Optimization

The value of a sales system is determined by its turnover, and the webshop that is not found, will not generate sales. One of the biggest benefits of a WooCommerce-based system is it’s excellent search engine optimization, the ability to freely create landing pages. This, and a plugin called Yoast, allows for an effective search engine optimization for any unique content, that in turn grants users searching for different product categories, to find their specific products more efficiently.

A High Level of Customer Orientation

The number of possibilities with which we can better prioritize our customers’ products and influence customer behavior is endless.

Visual referrals, carousels, product lists, custom product reviews all increase the number of conversions. Custom product recommendation engines can also be installed, which encourage the customer to view or purchase other products.

Payment and Delivery Methods

Well-known payment systems, both in Hungary and abroad, such as Paypal, OTP SimplePay, Barion, Paylike or other systems can also be intergrated into WooCommerce-based webshops.

Are you thinking of transport costs based on weight, maybe price range, or perhaps even transport distance?

Any delivery method can be integrated into WooCommerce based webshops!

Automated Management of Large Inventories
Connecting ERP or even CRM to the sales system
Delivery modules
Possibility to handle a virtually infinite amount of product
Possibility to create a unique purchase logic
Layout elements can be completely unique, limited only by the Bootstrap framework
Manage multiple currencies
Possibility of connecting a chatbot
A custom UX plan can be created
Complex product variations management (colors, sizes, patterns)