Marketing Solutions

Cost-effective, measurable and optimizable marketing, from experts,
personalized to your specific needs.

The world of marketing has changed a lot since those silly (hilarious) fabric softener and toothpaste ads.

Today, results can only be guaranteed by careful planning and measurement.

21st Century solutions allow for accurate targeting and the delivery of messages to the right audience. It’s time to forget flyers and newspaper ads.

Google Ads Campaign Management

Today, we initiate about 3.5 trillion Google searches a day worldwide, but 94 percent of users never click through to the second page.

The appropriate Google presence is a prerequisite for online marketing. Land (with) your services on the first page and increase your traffic quickly and efficiently.

How We Work

We measure and optimize the performance of each of your ads, so that your campaigns will promote your business with the best possible return. Following a keyword and market research, we will figure out from the numerous Google Ads campaign types and networks, the one, that suits you most.

Once you’ve created your ad text and creatives, we’ll set up your campaigns and place the appropriate (corresponding) codes on your website. This enables us to collect remarketing lists for you and to measure conversions. Sounds good, right?

Facebook Campaign Management

Facebook is the most visited social media platform in the world, with more than 6 million users in Hungary alone. It is almost certain, that with the right campaigns we can easily reach your customers.

How do we work?

After learning about your goals, needs, and your product / service, we will select the settings that will allow you to achieve the best possible returns. Once you’ve designed your campaign, we’ll determine the characteristics and demographics of your target audience. We will create attention-grabbing creatives and wordings for you, and then we’ll place the corresponding (appropriate) codes on your website, so we can easily measure success.

We provide more, than you think....

Facebook Content Production and Page Management

The most important element of content marketing is the content production. Not only do we handle your Google Ads or Facebook ads, but if needed, we can also create the wording and the creatives for your posts and blog posts!

With the right use of social media, you can stand out from your competition! As we work together, we will align your expectations with the needs of your target group, even from the very beginning.

How do we work?

Be it an article, a marketing text, static or moving creatives – there is no content that we cannot create (produce) for you on time, in the right quality and price. Together with you, we will design a strategy that is tailored to your business (needs) and create a concept that will enable (help) you to achieve your goals and increase your revenue. It’s that simple.

Requesting a quotation from us is completely free and has no binding effect.

You may have wondered why you don’t see any prices listed on our site.

We always work out individual prices, as no two campaigns are the same and we want you to really only pay for what you truly need.

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